Who we are

Shogun Energy Limited is an integrated energy company operating in Nigeria with capabilities in
hydrocarbon logistics that connect customers to cost-effective natural gas

Shogun Energy provides energy supply and transport solutions that connect customers to reliable and cost-effective natural gas via a ‘virtual pipeline’. Our business model centres around delivering natural gas to areas not supported by gas pipeline infrastructure or the electricity network and providing significant cost savings to customers throughout the oil price cycle.


We are aiming to be the leader in providing a fully integrated compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquified natural gas (LNG) solution for commercial and industrial markets.


Our primary business is the creation of a ‘Virtual Pipeline’ through the compression, transportation and integration of CNG and LNG for the energy services, mining, forestry and industrial sectors. Our solutions target diesel and propane fuel displacement to lower operating costs and reduce environmental impacts


We are constructing a network of regional bulk CNG and LNG compression stations that are strategically located to target large volume of fuel consumption corridors. We are focused on providing the lowest cost of transportable natural gas fuel in Nigeria