Project Gemini

Through advance technology and innovation, we’re presently executing this capital project
designed to streamline the efficient delivery of CNG and LNG

Shogun Energy’s Virtual Pipeline expands the reach of the natural gas distribution infrastructure through a flexible alternative distribution channel.


Shogun Energy’s Virtual Pipeline brings regular and uninterruptible natural gas deliveries to customers lying outside the reach of existing gas distribution infrastructure within Nigeria. By providing cheaper, more reliable and environmentally friendly energy compared to alternatives such as diesel, customers significantly reduce costs & emissions.


Our Virtual Pipeline is based on propriety Gas Compression system, Cloud Transportation Modules (CTM), Pressure Reducing & Metering Station (PRMS) and intelligent telemetry and logistics. We can store, transport and dispense commercial quantities of natural gas to customers anywhere anytime, replicating the regular flow of gas from a pipeline, while guaranteeing reliability and safety from gas source to final point of use.

Shogun Energy manages all operational and logistical aspects guaranteeing safe, reliable and uninterruptible delivery of natural gas to your point of use 24/7/365

We are investing in infrastructure so you can reap the benefits. This means minimal capital expenditure & lower cost of ownership

Shogun Energy’s modular & scalable solutions adapts to every requirement. Capacity & output scales dynamically depending on your actual consumption, handling any fluctuations, such as seasonal peaks, while ensuring your future demands are met effectively and dynamically.
Natural gas is a proven clean energy source that burns more efficiently, and can reduce your total energy costs by up to 40% compared to diesel and fuel oil. It disperses rapidly in the atmosphere in case of a leak, and has a narrow flammability range significantly reduces fire risks.
Our premium service with real-time fleet management & built-in redundancy allow us to monitor and control every molecule of gas within our network. Intelligent buffering, just-in-time delivery, and maximum infrastructure utilization increase efficiencies & reduce costs to our customers.
Reducing carbon emissions is a global priority to combat climate change. Natural gas is environmentally friendly compared to diesel or petrol. When burnt it produces one molecule of CO2 & two molecules of water, with virtually no Nitrates or Sulfurs, which are responsible for acid rain and smog.